Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A Sprint Along The Milbank's Cycle Super Jim Thomas

So, you honestly thought these cycle lanes were introduced for safety reasons...Well, Think Again!
Speeding cyclists are putting pedestrians and other road users at risk in Central London. 

Just do a quick search on Google for “Strava”, the name of just one of several GPS based performance monitoring apps and then a road name.

For example, “Strava segment Millbank” (below) reveals a map, giving a start and finish point. 

Onsite statistics show there have been some 278,240 attempts to compete, by 34,638 different cyclists, along this section of Embankment. 

The site gives league tables of the fastest male and female rides on most roads around the capital. 

Below is the leader board for the Essex Road N1section part 2, currently a 20mph road. As you can see, the speeds recorded along this rout exceed 33 mph.

Many people enjoy cycling in London, but competitive urban road racing is highly dangerous. It's hardly surprising pedestrians and motorists are worried about these lycra clad racers. 

And this is just one of many such apps.

Virtually every road of interest to cyclists now has a "Segment", enabling competitive racing to take place at any time.

Every day, thousands of cyclists are using this app to race each other or record personal bests, not just on roads, but also on paths, paved areas and off road tracks, with complete disregard for others.


Notice that the cyclist is traveling too fast to be overtaken by other vehicles sticking to the speed limit on this stretch between Vauxhall and Lambeth Bridges.

By the time the rider slowed down, to negotiate the round-about, he had reached a speed of 32 mph.


"Cycle lanes, nah! don't do them pal....London Bridge 20mph...don't make me laugh!"