Saturday, September 06, 2014

C.A.B- Cabbies Against Boris- PRESS RELEASE-UPDATE

A London Taxi ‘Go Slow’ will take place at 2pm, on Tuesday 9th September to protest against the Mayor of London’s improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit.

The Mayor will appear before the Environmental Audit Committee on Wednesday this week to explain why his air quality strategies have failed, which includes the London Taxi Age Limit.

Scientific testing has shown that the new taxis create more pollution than the older taxis which the Mayor has needlessly scrapped, at great expense to taxi drivers.

Drivers are the worst affected by the toxic pollution in London and the Mayor has not implemented a single effective strategy to reduce emissions.


Support is confirmed by the London Cab Drivers Club, the United Cabbies Group and the RMT so it is hoped that members of all trade groups will be making their voices heard on Tuesday.