Monday, January 16, 2017

TfL's Woeful Inadequacies Partially Responsible For Our Exclusion From Bank Sean Paul Day.

This type of accident, should not be recorded as a Taxi and Private hire.

A document from Camden's Lawyers' to the LTDA re: Tottenham Court Road taxi exclusion, has made grave reading. 

Camden did consider the inclusion of taxis in their redevelopment scheme, but their research data showed taxis as the main cause of serious accidents in the area

When the findings were challenged, Camden produced evidence that they had exhausted all avenues and could not locate data that identified taxis from PH. 

The same is true of the Corperation of the City of London planners.

So, as of now, we are considered the most dangerous vehicle on the road -because of THEM.
Whether Camden or the CoL wanted us or not isn't relevant, at least let us know the real reason for exclusion!

TfL's woeful inadequacies to blame: 
I cannot stress enough the importance of this. 
Years of TFL blurring the boundaries between taxis and PH, plus actively recruiting staff to big up so called similarities (as opposed to highlighting differences) has left the trade wide open to this type of assault. 

We remain the only legitimate alternative to the minicab swamp that swills around us, and the public NEED to know that there is an option. And just how safe that option is!

First and foremost, we should to be recognised by officialdom for what we are, and that is, Londons safest transport choice in London!

Sean Paul Day.

Statement From The Independent Taxi Alliance In Regards To Mondays Protest At The Bank Junction

Thousands of black cabs are set to bring traffic to a standstill in a five day protest about plans to ban them from the Bank Junction.

Many drivers have asked about legal coverage, from their respective org or union,  should they attend Monday's protest. 

Having made extensive inquiries, all 5 Orgs/Unions have said members would be covered, should they choose to attend the demos .

Obviously drivers will be expected to comply with all directions from police. 
We don't usually encounter problems on peaceful Taxi trade protests or demos, but policemen who are also Taxi drivers recommend keeping cameras rolling, should you get into any altercation with CoL or Met officers.

Remember, don't use your phone while driving and also, if you have your light off, you must wear your seat belt. 

Drivers will gather at the Bank Junction, Monday January 16, 3pm to 4:30pm to demonstrate their opposition to City of London Corporation's proposal to limit access to buses and bikes. The protest will be repeated daily for the week ending on Friday.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Don't Hold Your Breath....Tarif Review Or Race To The Bottom.... By I'm Spartacus.

So the tariff review has gone live for 'Consultation' inevitably followed by some minor changes then implementation by the no nothing's that regulate the trade and seemingly in some cases represent it.

Rate three cut and the mysterious rate 4 appearing after 12 rather than 6 miles.....Yippee say some, the press will trumpet 'cab fares fall, it's a bargain!'.....not a chance, more like 'Cab Fares up by 30% as Minimum Fare Rockets' , followed by the rest in small print if at all.

Of course cab rents, meter fees, insurance and the cost of a new cab will fall in line in the new austere trade, of course Radio and App circuit fees will also
Fixed prices to the driver will soon see the driver paying the riders to travel in the cab!

We turn now to stand down pay for those that state they speak for us, apparently one organisation is paying committee people £290.00 for 10 minute meetings, that's £1740.00 an hour each, (you can hire a top QC for that with change to spare).

Will those who 'stand shoulder to shoulder' with the working cab driver in this race to the bottom, take a pay cut, hand  back their luxury cars (why do they need a car?), Platinum health plans etc, maybe they will? 

The form book says not, as I said don't hold your breath.

I'm Spartacus.

Editorial Gerald Coba.

New generation of Taxi meters. 
But will TfL approve without a special relationship from this new stakeholder???

Seeing as rear fitted CC machines in TX Taxis block most of the rear view, it would give us something worthwhile to look at in the mirror.

Listen to the Taxi Tarif Debate on LBC -Just under 4 mins.



An Uber driver and a passenger brawled in the middle of Wandsworth Road, while a female attempted to break them up.

Its alleged that the passenger lashed out at the driver who retaliates by violently swinging a weapon, during this fight on Friday night. But on closer inspection, you can see the first blow was actually struck by the Uber driver, who has a weapon in his hand.

The Uber driver, who appears to be wearing a Transport for London lanyard, told police he was punched by his customer when they arrived just before 11:45pm.

A passing taxi driver, filmed the fight from his cab and has posted the footage on Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube, where it has been shared hundreds of times.

Social media users were quick to comment on the fight.

One said: 'It's just becoming so normal watching Uber drivers fighting with their passengers on London Streets.'

Another asked: 'Is that a weapon in the Uber driver's hand?'

The cabbie who filmed the incident said it looked like the Uber driver was brandishing a 'wrench or a spanner'.

He added: 'It was just shocking behaviour. I don't want to jump to conclusions about who was at fault, and it could have been the passenger's fault, but if you are a professional driver, you shouldn't be fighting with passengers.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said:

"We were called to reports of a fight in Wandsworth Road,

"An Uber driver aged in his 40s reported he had been assaulted and punched by a male passenger. 

"No injuries were reported and no arrests have been made. Enquiries continue."

So no charges here then even though the Uber driver can be seen dangerously brandishing an offensive weapon. 

And yet in 2015, Dail A Cab Taxi driver John Davis, was arrested just up the road from where this attack took place, by an undercover cab enforcement officer, for doing a u-turn in reply to a nod and asking the officer if he required a Taxi. 

Obviously in court, the magistrate dismissed the case completely.

Read John's Story >Click Here<

Watch the video and pay close attention to the very beginning. The Uber driver can clearly be seen hitting the passenger who's head is knocked backwards with the wrench I what appears to be a preemptive strike. 


Unfortunately, the story has appeared in the Mail on-line where the video has been edited down to look like the passenger threw the first punch. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

If You Have Tears, Prepare To Shed Them Now Semtex.

Not my own words, but the words of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Act 3 Scene 2.

Those words could just as well been my own, last night at the Bank Junction.

Whether a fan of the legendary Bard or not, you will not need me to outline the act of Betrayal in the story of Julius Caesar. As the betrayed Caesar lay dead with a dagger in his heart, Mark Antony quoted the above, If You Have Tears................

The UCG's hit at The Bank on Thursday afternoon, could not possibly have taken place in worse weather. It was freezing cold, with snow, hail and absolutely unforgiving rain.

I have been working with an Irish Garda Search & Rescue Dog Team on the windswept Dartmoor for the last week, and I have another two weeks to go. Nevertheless, my heart and passion in the London Cab Trade is always foremost, and I made the three hour journey up to London, from Plymouth.

Difficult, expensive and thwart with industrial action as the journey was, I wouldn't have missed standing back to back with my colleagues for anything.

Getting off the tube at Liverpool Street around 1615, I began the short walk to the Bank, cutting across London Wall and along Old Broad Street.

Looking at my watch, my attention was drawn to the cabs picking up on London Wall with less than an hour to go. Not the end of the world, I thought. There's still a while yet, and probably plenty of time to support the call.

Sheltering from the extreme weather, I stood on the top step of The Royal Exchange, monitoring the rapidly growing gathering about 100 meters in front of me.

The Police Commander and Met's Liaison Team were already in place, carefully observing the situation and the rapidly expanding black cab presence. With 15 minutes to go till the official demo start, cabs were now commanding every road and street to the Bank Junction, horns blaring and flags waving. By 1700, the UCG's request for back up had been answered and I witnessed members of every Trade Org we have, loyally mustering for duty, in a display of respectable strength and unity.

It was very frustrating watching our trade gather to this venue on such a dreadfully rain battered evening. Sod's Law, there were people wanting cabs everywhere. Had it not been a demo, our colleagues would have earned some well needed coin, but considering the importance of the UCG's request, our unity had to be seen as potent. 

And potent it was. By 1730 the whole area was in lockdown, as the Police Gold Commander professionally observed and allowed our trade to voice it's disenchantment.

The driving rain and freezing conditions showed no mercy and it continued to beat down unmercifully. At around 1800, I shook hands and congratulated the UCG's Trevor Merrills who, like everyone else there, was soaked to the skin.

My schedule was extremely tight for getting back to Dartmoor. I gave our youngest son a call who works in the City, to quickly grab a coffee with him, before heading off for my train. I told him not to attempt to drive down for obvious reasons, and arranged to meet him at the junction of St. John's Street and Clerkenwell Road.

The demo was still in full pelt as I crept away, and despite the weather, decided to tab up to the rendezvous with my son, shaking hands with a few of our trade before I left.

It was freezing, it was dark, it was wet, but I was well wrapped up, and not made of sugar............and felt a lovely warm glow inside.


Walking back down Old Broad Street, the road was obviously gridlocked, as was West bound London Wall.

However, as I walked through Finsbury Circus and over Moorgate, I felt as though I had been punched in the head. There were cabs with yellow lights on, blue lights of POB and cabs waiting outside buildings with name boards in. Not just one or two, but dozens and dozens of them.

By the time I reached Clerkenwell Road, it looked every inch business as usual. Yellow lights, blue lights, name boards and cabs plying.

All this as their colleagues were going skint fighting for our very trade's survival not two miles away.

By the time I got to my boy, I was absolutely fuming. Fuming because of what I had just seen. Fuming because in all honesty, I felt a complete prick. All that way, seven hours travelling, £145 worth of fares, a day missed training my dogs, and for what ? To meet up once again, like I have done for over twenty years, in the pissing rain, freezing weather and witnessing the same two or three hundred faces, that bend over backwards to fight the good fight, in hope that we have something to fight for at the end of it. As hundreds more of 'our own' have an absolute field day bonanza on the back of it !

At first, my son thought it was funny, before realising how angry I was. "Calm down, Dad ! You will make yourself ill again over this. I said to Mum you were mad coming all this way !"

And of course, he was right. I will make myself ill over it and I was mad travelling all that way.

We had a coffee together, and to be honest, I cant even remember drinking it. I was so pissed off. My son drove me to catch my train and I gave him a hug as he waved me off.

As he did so, and all the way up to the station, yellow lights and our very own Roman Republican Senators, earning their money, whilst their very own Brothers and Sisters were earning nothing, soaked through to the skin at the Bank, in a brave attempt to fend off our attack, and imminent demise.

Melodramatic maybe, but I had a brief insight of how old Julius must have felt as Marcus Brutus stuck the blade in him. Betrayed by his own, and murdered.

My fate and that of my Brothers in Arms at The Bank was thankfully not as sinister as that of the Roman Emperor, but just as brutal and equally as hurtful, I wager.

What with the industrial action, inclement weather and everything else to hinder my journey back to Princetown in Dartmoor, I eventually got back to my hotel where my wife was waiting for me at just before midnight.

She knew instinctively that I was upset, and no doubt had her card marked by our son in London so deliberately body swerved any further conversation.

It wasn't just the odd rogue cab driver, it was hundreds of them betraying their mates at the Bank, fighting for the trade's survival and going skint in the process.

For many years I have been proud of rallying the troops via my writings as a trade scribe. But something had been knocked out of my heart walking from the Bank to Clerkenwell Road last night.

It was heart breaking to see so many of our colleagues joining the call, waving flags and doing their level best to support and fight our precarious futures, only to be taken advantage of by the two bob, betraying Judas's.

I realise of course that we all have financial restraints, we all need the money and we can all do without attending demos  on a wet, freezing cold Thursday night in winter.

But despite that, and even if they didn't agree with the demo, couldn't those drivers park up somewhere or stay at home in quiet solidarity, just for the short period of the trade's action ?

Coming out and cleaning up like that was reminiscent of watching a David Attenborough documentary. It was so disrespectful and lamentable.

Well, our trade is out again at the Bank soon. I will be back from Dartmoor by then, so taking into account of what I said above, will I be there ? You bet your life I will ! And I guarantee that the same 300 trade fighting colleagues will also be there, just as we always have been, and always will, each and every time we need to be.

To those staunch lovely people and passionate proud London Cab Drivers, I will see you again in the trenches. Fighting for survival, fighting for a fairer trade and fighting for tomorrow.

To the other two bob band of Marcus Junius Brutus's.....................thanks for your apathy and ungentlemanly felony. 

I hope you reap what you sow.

"For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar's angel. The Gods know how dearly Caesar loved him ! This was the most unkind cut of all. For when the noble Caesar saw him stab, he understood his beloved Brutus's ingratitude. It was stronger than the violence of traitors, and it defeated him, bursting his mighty heart."

Be lucky all.

8829 Semtex.


Section 14 Public Order Act 1986 ​

In order to prevent serious disruption to the life of the community, the following condition has been placed upon the event due to take place on the highway:

  1. A static assembly must only take place within the roads inside the area of (and not including) West of King William Street, West of Gracechurch Street, South of London Wall, East of St Martin’s Le Grand, East of New Change, East of Friday Street, East of Lambeth Hill, North of Upper Thames Street
  2. Any assembly may only take place for a maximum of 90 minutes from 1500hrs.

If you take part in the public assembly today you must adhere to this condition. Failure to do so may lead to arrest and prosecution.

The condition may be subject to change by the Senior Officer present – if in doubt please consult a Police Officer.​

As far as we can see, this sec14 only covers Monday 16th

Press release from the Independent Taxi Allience (ITA) 

On Monday if the police order us to move. We move.
We are entitled to work in the City of London; so after moving off, we are entitled to return to ply our trade.
If a policeman tell us to head off up Cornhill, we will.
And once we have complied, we may go to the area we feel we can best earn our living.

If we do not exercise our right to ply our trade in the City, that trade will be stolen from us, with the aid of the Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police, Transport for London and the Corporation of the City of London.
We must make sure we ply now or forever lose that right!

Policemen who are also Taxi drivers have warned us to keep your cameras rolling. And report any officer who is not displaying identification.

Some of these City of London officials who want us out and buses in, belong to the same lodge as the Commissioner. So do not expect fairness.

If the City plays dirty, we will have to change tactics. We may go on foot protests, or choose another venue within the Square Mile.
If we feel threatened, we will lock our taxis up and leave them where they stand.

Remember Ian Tomlinson, the innocent newspaper vendor who was killed by police.

So the bottom line is do what the police tell you to do. But you have every right to return to find work.