Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mike (Onside) Brown...But Just Who’s Side Is He Really On???

TfL commissioner Mike Brown, refused to talk to the London Taxi trade about Uber’s relicense appeal, citing sub judice, the man then has two secret meetings with Uber's CEO!

Its now been alleged, that about three months ago at a transport high end dinner function, Mike Brown is overheard by a senior member of the transport fraternity, spending most of the night, saying how good he believes Uber are for the transport systems in cities like London. 

Never mind about onside, it sounds like Mike Brown is about to sell us all down the river. 

Taxi Leaks Extra Bit : From I’m Spartacus  
Mike Brown onside, yeah right !

Forget Uber, they are just a symptom of the inadequate regulator ...the ‘perfect child’ that is TfL LTPH. 
If they had enforced their own PH regulations, let alone the well developed Hackney Carriage acts, we wouldn't be in the place than we are now.

Political interference, incompetence who knows?
I have been campaigning for a Public Enquiry or a Transport Select Committee investigation at the least for five years plus whilst others gathered round TfL like moths to a flame.

How will it all end? 
It doesn’t end well for the moths does it?
Unite or die. 
I'm Spartacus. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Uber suspends operations in Vienna after court ruling


VIENNA - Ride-hailing service Uber said it was suspending operations in Vienna on Wednesday after a court upheld a complaint against its business practices brought by a local taxi company.

Uber's Austrian arm said in a statement: "Sadly, today's decision by Vienna's commercial court, for now, does not allow us to offer our services UberX, UberBLACK, and uberVAN in Vienna".

But it added that "we are working intensively to change our practices, in order to be able to offer our services to you again within a few days".

The complaint against Uber was brought by the Taxi 40100 company.
It said Uber represented unfair competition as it did not have to abide by the same rules as traditional taxi companies for picking up passengers.

"We're delighted with the court's decision," said Taxi 40100 head Christian Holzhauser.
Ride-hailing services have met with protests from taxi drivers in numerous cities and varying levels of resistance from authorities around the world.

Earlier this month, Uber had to suspend one of its services in Greece after tighter rules on the sector were introduced, while in March it had to suspend operations in the Slovakian capital Bratislava.

Photo Shopped Taxi Driver Licences Accepted On MyTaxi App. Part 2

Under the mismanagement of Mike (on side) Brown, TfLTPH have lost all control of Taxi and PH apps.

This trade has a problem with alleged unlicensed Taxi drivers at Heathrow asking for postcodes to major hotels.

And now, Transport apps are prompting Taxi drivers to break the law.
Someone has to speak up for Public Safety.
Do we matter at all?

Licensed London Taxi drivers are as safe as houses!
Transport Apps are not safe.

Transport Apps need a regulator, or it will end up like in Ireland where anyone with a driving license may drive for an app - no cab license needed.
How dangerous is that?

It shows 'The Establishment' don't give a toss if a Pleb is raped or even murdered. They probably feel there's a surplus of us already.

The silence from our representative Orgs and Unions, especially those with newspapers and magazines, is deafening.

If any of our Orgs or Unions put advertising revenue before Public Safety, they are no better than the corrupt politicians and brazen TfL execs they pour scorn on.

The same goes for any driver who wants to sweep this dangerous situation under the carpet, because it might affect their app work.
Here's news for you, you're not earning more on an app than on the street.
You've just learned to rely on it.

Principles are not for sale.

By Lenny Etheridge. 


Lest we forget......Gett, the company that dispatches heavily promoted Private Hire cars on the same app as Taxis.



Delroy Grant, picking up Mike a Brown


EXCLUSIVE: Helen Chapman's Photo Shopped Taxi Driver Licence Accepted On MyTaxi App.

Taxi Leaks acquired evidence that a Taxi drivers bill (licence) bearing the name of TfLs Helen Chapman, has been accepted onto the MyTaxi platform, even though it gives the address of 230 Blackfriars road (home of TFL's Taxi and Private Hire administration centre.) 

In addition to naming one of TFL's directors, on the bottom right hand corner of the licence, it carries a text passage saying that the regional manager of MyTaxi should be sacked for allowing this breach of security.....and yet it was still accepted on to the platform. 
Below is the welcom email, sent out to the fake Helen Chapman driver.

In addition, we have also been sent evidence that a serial rapist jailed for life, has not only been uploaded on to MyTaxi, but also had actual jobs recorded/accredited to his account. 

Prolific rapist Delroy Grant was accepted staight on to the platform without question even though his address was given as 21, Du Cane Road (the address of Wormwood Scrubs prison) and has been authorised to pick up passengers through the app.

We have been given proof below  that a journey was booked for Delroy Grant to pick up.

This evidence has massive security implications and could be used by enemies of the London Taxi trade to tarnish our good name.
Taxi Leaks believes that the MyTaxi app should cease trading until it can fully guarantee the identity of all its drivers.

We received this information on Sunday night but were asked not to post as the people involved were trying to arrange a meeting with the MyTaxi CEO. We have now been informed that a meeting has been refused and that so far, MyTaxi has failed to issue a statement...

Once again, the lid has been blown off instant hail apps, but this time, unfortunately,'s one of our own. 

The MyTaxi platform has a gapping security hole, which allows dodgy, photoshopped, un-vetted Taxi licenses to be uploaded, to work alongside genuine Licensed Taxi drivers. 

Just how many fake licenses have MyTaxi taken onto their app?
Is this the norm with other instant hail ride share apps?

We ar told by the instigators of this action that there is still plenty more to come out!

MyTaxi - A Potentially Unsafe App by Tim Fenton on Zelo Street blog...

Moreover, MyTaxi might look as if it is there to help the cab trade, but they are on record claiming “Our competition is the street hail”. That’s a challenging proposition for the average cabbie: join MyTaxi and find yourself working for the unofficial opposition. Worse, as TfL have pointed out, it “does not licence MyTaxi or any other company offering similar taxi services via an app or radio circuit”. Obviously, private Hire is different.

Click this link below to continue reading Tim's post:

TfL continue to show an unwillingness, to police these Taxi/Ride share apps.
It's like the Wild West out there with these companies making up their own rules and regulations on the fly.
TfLTPH have no appetite to enforce their own regulations and legislation laid down by parliament. 
It's scandalous they way they have swept aside their duty of care to protect public safety, leaving un -the licensed Taxi trade- to self police and publicise the current unsafe nature of these app journeys.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Uber No Longer Trust Their Drivers With Your Pick Up Or Drop Off Details.

Apparently, Uber no longer trust their drivers with your pick up and drop off destination. They announced today that they are to hide pick up and drop off details on the journey notes. 
The changes come after customers going train stations (or to the airport) have complained of burglaries on their return.

Passengers have also complained of sexual harassment from drivers who "know where you live".

In a small change which could improve the peace of mind of its passengers, Uber will now obscure the exact pick-up and drop-off locations in its drivers’ records.

What it is: 
After this feature goes live, drivers will no longer have a record of precisely where they picked you up and dropped you off. Instead the app will show them the general vicinity of each location.
This procedure is becoming increasing like a street hail, which is illegal.

According to Gizmodo, this feature will roll out around the same time as Uber’s new driver app is out for everyone, which should be within the next few weeks.

The details: 
Uber’s making the change in order to comply with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation. While the drivers will still need something for their records — something to show they did, indeed pick up a passenger in Area X and drop them off in Area Y at specific times — they’ll no longer retain your exact records.

Why it matters: 
While participating in a rideshare does mean you have to place enough implicit trust in a person to get into a car with them and let them drive you places, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want them to have a record of your location. This is particularly true if the one of the places in question is your home or work.

In the article by Gizmodo, the commentator states:
On the one occasion I Ubered alone, I had the driver drop me off at a location down the street and pretended to linger on the sidewalk with a phone call while he drove off. It wasn’t that I had anything against that person in particular — I just preferred that someone with whom I exchanged two sentences and made fleeting eye contact with in a rearview mirror not know my Airbnb’s location.

It’s not a catch-all solution:
It doesn’t prevent a driver from remembering your locations. Still, it’s a step towards giving wary passengers some sense of safety. Especially after it was revealed that 13,000 Uber drivers haven't had the proper criminal record checks with their TfL licenses. The fact that the rape of Uber passengers by drivers rose last year by 50% makes the service one of the most unsafe forms of travel in London.

BREAKING NEWS: Statement from Brighton & Hove City Council Regarding Uber Relicense.

Following yesterday's licensing panel meeting, on the renewal of Uber Britannia Ltd's private hire operator's license has been delayed.

Given the scope and number of representations made to the panel, counsellors have decided to take further time to give careful and detailed consideration to the matter, to ensure the right decision is made.

The panel will reconvene later this week and will announce the decision on the renewal of the license as soon as possible following that meeting.