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Uber Spelling Tips From The Producer Of The Knowledge Play At The Charing Cross Theatre!

Good Advice from this driver advising you to go see this fabulous show .

Today's topical spelling tip :

" licence " is a noun 

" license " is a verb 

( in British English, the Americans use " license " for both ) 

Hard to remember UNLESS you think of " advice " and " advise " , which work exactly the same way but their respective pronunciations give them away. 

FYI " practice " and " practise " also work the same way 

SO to choose a random example : 

Uber have lost their licence 

Uber are no longer licensed 

Uber were not deemed fit and proper to hold a licence 

TfL's licensing decision re Uber was the right one 

Uber are appealing against the loss of their licence 

We all hope that Uber are not relicensed 

Hope that helps !

Vaughan Williams.

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment :
Yes it's very true....this blog needs all the help it can get with spelling !

Cambridge 'looking closely' at Uber licence after London drops the ride-hailing app

City bosses will be “looking closely” at whether Uber is allowed to continue operating in Cambridge following news that Transport for London (TfL) won’t renew its licence in London.

It was announced on Friday (September 22) that TfL will not renew Uber’s private hire operator licence after it expires on September 30.

The capital’s transport regulator said the Silicon Valley technology giant’s approach and conduct was not fit and proper to hold a private vehicle hire license.

It also cited Uber's approach to reporting serious criminal offences and background checks on drivers for its decision. 

A spokesman for Cambridge City Council said: “We note the announcement by TfL today that it will not be renewing Uber’s licence.

“Uber currently holds a one year private hire operator licence with the council and this will expire in December.

“We will look closely at the detail of TfL’s decision and the likely appeal Uber has indicated it will lodge against that decision before considering Uber’s operator licence in Cambridge, and whether that licence should be renewed or not.”

The council is responsible for licensing all Hackney carriage, private hire and dual drivers, as well as minicab proprietors and operators in Cambridge.

              Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner

The spokesman for the authority added that the council’s top priority is public safety, which is why it carries out enhanced checks for criminal records on all taxi drivers before issuing licences.

South Cambridgeshire District Council has also said it will look closely at the detail of the TfL decision against Uber today (September 22)- including a likely appeal the taxi company has said it will lodge.

The authority has granted 50 private hire licences for Uber drivers but wants to reassure local people that all minicab drivers in the area have been through the same rigorous checks - no matter who they drive for.

Cllr Mark Howell, South Cambridgeshire District Council’s cabinet member responsible for licensing, said: “The decision in London is not to renew the company licence for Uber and our job now is to understand in detail why.

“The information Transport for London have published so far does not give us enough detail but I can reassure local people that we will be looking in to it closely.

“Uber has 50 drivers licensed by us and we assess all drivers in exactly the same way – it does not matter which company they drive for." -Apart from the ones Cambridge licence, hundreds of London Uber drivers registered with TfL, work the app in the Cambridge area. 

"We include the most stringent enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks". -It's alleged London Uber drivers submitted 13,000 fake DBS certificates.

Cambridge MP and member of the Transport Select Committee and Shadow Transport Minister, Daniel Zeichner, said he was introducing a Private Member's Bill to improve safety standards in the taxi industry.

“The government has known for a long time that it needs to sort out taxi and private hire licensing, but has just dug its heels in and refused to act or make these tough decisions," he said. (Follow the money)

“It’s time for them to act, to protect authorities like TfL who are responsible for the safety of those using transport, but who don’t have the power to actually kick out bad working practices.

"At the moment, they are risking TfL being exposed to 30,000 or 40,000 drivers licensed elsewhere but working in London.

“I hope that my Private Members‘ Bill, entitled the Licensing of Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Bill, will go some way to improving the industry’s safety standards, but it’s clear that they government really need to act and provide a joined-up, coherent revamp of the rules.

“Some of the current laws date back to the Victorian times.

"I hope the government will support my Bill in February, but I also hope that this kind of brave move by TfL will push them into taking some sensible action.“

Source :

The Mayor releases statement over UBER petition:

In response to a petition on about TfL’s licensing decision on Uber, The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said:

“Transport for London (TfL) yesterday informed Uber London Limited (Uber) that it will not be issued with a private hire operator licence after expiry of its current licence on 30 September.  This decision was made independently by TfL as the legal taxi and private hire regulator for London. 
“TfL has concluded that Uber’s conduct is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence. TfL considers that Uber’s approach and conduct demonstrates a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues that have potential public safety and security implications. These include Uber’s approach to reporting serious criminal offences, its approach to how medical certificates are obtained and its approach to how Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are obtained.  
Read more here:
“I have written for The Guardian about why I have backed TfL’s decision, however, I want to be absolutely clear that there is a place in London for all private hire companies that play by the rules.
“Uber’s current licence does not expire until the end of September so the service will continue until then. The company can also continue to operate until the appeals process has been exhausted.
“I know that Uber has become a popular service for many Londoners – but it would be wrong for TfL to license Uber if there was any way this could pose a threat to Londoners’ safety or security.
“As Mayor of London I welcome innovative new companies that help Londoners by providing a better and more affordable service – but providing an innovative service is not an excuse for not following the rules. All companies in London must play by the rules and adhere to the high standards we expect - particularly when it comes to the safety of customers.  
“I have every sympathy with Uber drivers and customers affected by this decision but their anger really should be directed at Uber. They have let down their drivers and customers by failing, in the view of TfL, to act as a fit and proper operator. 

“I suspect it will take some time before this situation with Uber fully plays out. In the meantime, I will continue my work to help support innovative businesses in London and to create a vibrant and safe taxi and private hire market.”

Taxi Leaks Extra Bits :

Love him, or hate him, posibly the best George Galloway speech.....ever.


Fake Medicals, Fake Topographical Test's, Fake DBS Certificates.... And now

Remember the petition, Uber handed it in at the wrong building. You remember the one, it had tens of thousands of signatures from people who said they never signed it!!!

Well they are at it again. Taxi leaks are now receiving reports that anti Uber drivers are being excluded from radio talk shows on LBC and the BBC. 

As we said before....follow the money 

Letter from Greenbadgejohn 

The Media onslaught begins.

Uber has launched an on-line petition with figures of apparently half a million signatories being regularly mentioned on TV and Radio.... and yet no one states the plight of the sweat shop economy Uber operates by... no, its the "me me me" attitude of no longer being able to get home below reasonable cost riders not even caring one jot about the many victims of sexual assaults and the clearest dismissive attitude of their Uber app provider who felt it was in their own remit to choose and adjudicate as to the seriousness of reporting crimes committed by staff under their watch. 

This whole seedy episode was brewing daily and clear for everyone to see for the last 5 years, prospective Uber drivers were even recruited with interpretors to assist their applications and now they have their feet firmly under the table and irrespectively finding themselves being threatened as completely damaged by the un-removable stain of corruption greed and exploitation and complete irregularity, their resurrection plans and tactics are becoming clearer by the hour, ..... bribery by populism.

Uber have launched a campaign of popularity by launching the petition to overwhelm adjudicators and influence future judges into making decisions purely on popular grounds which has nudged online signatures in return for cheap and even cheaper journeys home....same old corrupt Uber using the only tool in their box of buying influence by cash burn ideology.

I was reading about an Uber driver who joined 4 years ago simply because the local mini cab firm he had worked for for years had gone bust because of high rents and overheads of providing TFL legally required offices, phones, staff to check driver validities such as insurance driving licenses mot's and CRB's and equally importantly eye contact with the prospective driver to plainly assess their capability and ability to do the job, That requirement was avoided by Uber, And now TFL has made the decision they have about Uber, he would be delighted to return to a local service where he had excellent local to-and-from knowledge and importantly received a living wage according to the reasonable competitive fare and not being exploited to having to work 8 hours a day to achieve break even before profit began as with Uber.

Right now, there are large sections of the press and media stirring up the completely laughable notion that somehow 30-40 Thousands of Uber drivers will be turning up at the unemployment offices being rendered out of work if TFL are not forced into changing their minds about not granting Uber a new license from 1st October which is complete rubbish.

Every good private hire driver will return to where they once worked and some may even find confidence to open new offices, and a more technological private hire system will be resurrected where (as now) texts are sent to the booked caller wherever they are, stating the car type, registration number and drivers name, and yes it may be slightly more expensive....that is the reality of fair business practices.

If the BBC or any Newspaper ceased tomorrow all the better journalists would soon find another for the rest, it seems unemployment would clearly suit them in the longest queue we'd have seen for ages because that profession is clearly lacking in moral fortitude and honest thinking, and remember how much governmental subsidy and tax credits are being paid to all those underpaid Uber drivers which could now turn into unemployment benefit helping finding new honest employment instad of shoring up one... if not 'the' most parasitical business enterprises ever created on planet earth.

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Crocodile Tears, Paper Tigers And Sleeping Lions.... By I'm Spartacus.

So Tfl no doubt reluctantly stepped up to defend the traveller, but with little choice after many transgressions and then the final stake through the heart written by the upright citizen and proper copper that is Inspector Billany who exposed the applicant for what they were 
unfit and improper.

Crocodile Tears
Cue the social media frenzy and parade of bought advertorials, no mark politicos and all those bleeding hearts about 40000 people being thrown on the scrap heap, yet if and when Driverless cars appear the very same people will say nowt when quadruple that number go west, 'its cheep though innit'.

We all know most will just sign up with another operator or possibly join the ranks of world renown by completing the KOL, if not their just holding a one way ticket to Loserville courtesy of the West Coast Bro's.

Paper Tigers
Well that's what the trade has been viewed as by all and sundry, we have been as Gilligan said Balkanised, so those in Unions, Trade Orgs ensure that YOU get involved, campaign for joined up thinking and accountability, defining PFH and ensuring TfL maintain the differential of the two tier system, after all that's what they say they want.

Sleeping Lions
Sorry again that's us, whatever happens after the Lawyers have had their feast, be sure things will never be the same, let's be sharp, smart and savvy. 
You can bet every PH firm will be looking to grab market share, let's do the same and whatever we do always remember this:

If you value it, defend it!

I'm Spartacus


Listen to Wes Streeting's Tweet.

Why TFL were right not to renew Uber's licence and why their business model should concern all of us.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Light At The End Of The Tunnel As TfL Refuse Uber Licence To Operate In London.

Uber will not be issued a new private operators licence, when their current licence expires, Transport for London (TfL) said today. 

Their current licence expires at the 30th of September and then they will have 21 days to appeal, during which time it can continue to operate.

TfL concluded the ride-hailing app firm was not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence after a number of contributory scandals hit the media earlier this year. 

Also FOI requests from members of the Taxi trade representative group The London Taxi Drivers Club (LCDC), exposed a mass of emails which showed an unsavoury relationship between Uber executives and senior TfL staff. Evidence was also given to the Sunday Times by the LCDC regarding the authenticity of 13,000 DBS certificates after TfL tried to sweep the problem under the carpet.

Uber's approach and conduct demonstrated a lack of corporate responsibility which could have potential public safety and security implications, it said. 

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said in a statement: "I fully support TfL's decision - it would be wrong if TfL continued to license Uber if there is anyway that this could pose a threat to Londoners' safety and security. This is not an anti Minicab app decision, this is a anti not playing by the rules decision."

Current statistics have shown that in London alone, Uber drivers were responsible for committing one serious sexual assaults including rape of vulnerable passengers every eleven days. Last year showed a 50% rise in passenger attacks from Uber drivers.

London Cabby Gerald Coba said:

"This decision from TfL will almost certainly make traveling on London streets much safer. Bus drivers will no longer be doing uber shifts before starting work driving buses. 

"It should also make driving along one way streets safer too. But this isn't the end. Uber will try to carry on using PHVs registered by other licensing authorities. Cross-boarder hiring needs to be dealt with ASAP, as its become a major problem across the UK.

"But now TfL have refused to relicense, I strongly believe other authorities around the country will now follow suit."

Good news, as bookmakers William Hill make Uber 4/6 on to lose their appeal. 
"This is a huge move by TfL and no doubt Uber will fight the decision. However we think it is likely the ruling will be upheld" said William Hill Spokesman Joe Crilly. 

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment:
Although this is a massive victory for the trade we mustn't forget that the original problems of eHailing (instant hiring via a smart phone) along with the cross boarder hiring is still in place. Until these problems are dealt with, we are in danger of another app based operator picking up the gauntlet.

A bitter George Osbourne hits back on behalf of his chums with Fake News.

It's what we've come to expect from the Standard since George became editor